Medical Care in Russia: For Tourists & Expats


The healthcare system in Russia has a poor reputation.  This is unfortunate since many long-term foreigners in Russia have found great medical service at a fraction of the cost of what they would pay in their home country, and a growing number of foreigners are even making special travel plans for medical treatment that is both world-class and unique to Russia.  During this session we will discuss the basics of health care for long-term expats and why some foreigners are making the trek to Russia for medical treatment.


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Andy Frecka

An American who has made Russia his home for the past 23 years, Andy Frecka was repeatedly disappointed with the real estate agents that he had hired and decided that he could do better. 10 years later, Expat Flat is proud to serve both the expat and local community with purchase and sale of residential, commercial and investment properties and residential and commercial rentals.