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Living in Russia

Everything you need to know about visas, residency and citizenship

Working in Russia

Hear from real expats how they built successful careers in Russia

Expat Secrets

Gain valuable insight from expats who have been in Russia for many years.

Small Business in Russia

Learn how to start your own business in Russia or manage one remotely from Russia.

Learning Russian

Learn proven tips & tricks to start learning Russian more effectively.

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Residence Permit as a Teacher or Student

If you are trying to stay legally in Russia, you have probably heard about residence permits. We will have real expats talk about their experience getting residence permits based on their studies and work as an English teacher.

Minimizing Tax Obligations

Have you ever considered running your small business through a Russian LLC to minimize your tax obligations? Depending on the situation, Russia can be a very tax advantageous place to stay and have a business. Join us to learn how to take advantage of the Russian tax code.

Tech Investment Opportunities in Russia

Many people overlook Russia as a potential place to invest in business ventures. We will have an expert lawyer talk about the opportunities available to Western investors specifically in the Russian tech sector.

My Experience Moving to Russia

Are you considering a move to Russia, but not sure where to start? We invited numerous new expats in Russia to share their experience with you to help make your move as smooth as possible.

How to Level Up Your Russian Speaking Game

Anyone who has been exposed to Russian has heard quite quickly that the language is "impossibly" difficult. With the right resources, that definitely is not the case. Join Be Fluent to hear how you can maximize your time spent learning Russian.

Immigration: Staying in Russia Long-term

Russia is notorious for its bureaucracy and immigration law is no exception. One of the top immigration lawyers in Moscow will discuss the options for staying long-term in Russia and how to get a residence permit.

Running a Small Business as a Foreigner in Russia

Running a business in Russia when you don't speak the language can seem impossible, but that isn't really the case. Join a legal and accounting expert to hear real life stories about other expats doing business in Russia.

Teaching English in Russia

Teaching English in Russia is by far the most common job for expats from English speaking countries. You might find it hard to believe, but it is quite possible to make a great living teaching English in Russia. Join to hear about the opportunities.

Cultural Differences: How, What, Why?

Russians may seem very cold at first, but as you get to know them, they warm up. There are still significant cultural differences with regard to dating, family life and society. Join us to learn more about cultural differences you might encounter in Russia. You might be surprised at what you hear!

Investments Opportunities in Russia

The oil & gas industries were once the most popular large scale investments in Russia, but there are opportunities for smaller investors today that may surprise you. We have invited an American to discuss investment opportunities in Russia today.

Real Estate in Russia

Many people want to purchase an apartment, house or dacha after coming to Russia. As a matter of fact, Russian law does allow foreigners to buy real estate in most instances. We have invited a real estate consultant to talk about some of the key aspects of buying real estate in Russia as an expat.

Visas to Russia

Getting a visa to Russia should be straight-forward. Unfortunately, there is misinformation everywhere. Marcus from Let's Russia will tell you everything you need to know about getting the right visa to Russia.

Healthcare in Russia

The healthcare system in Russia has a poor reputation at best, and, unfortunately, it is true that public healthcare in Russia is not great outside of large cities. There are private clinics around every Russian city and town though that provide relatively good care at affordable prices. There are even state of the art private clinics where you can get care that rivals any Western country.

Panel Discussion: Expats Working in Russia

Join us to hear from three different expats working in Russia. They will tell you about how they landed their jobs, what advice they have for people just coming to Russia, and how to be successful as an expat in Russia.

HR Trends & Executive Search in Russia

We have invited a top executive recruiter to talk about the current state of the HR market in Russia. What can expats expect when searching for a job in Russia? How can an executive search consultant be helpful in your job search as an expat in Russia? These are some of the questions we will explore.

Getting a Job in Russia

If you are moving to Russia, most likely you need to get a job. Depending on your experience and standards, getting a job in Russia isn't that difficult. You do have to understand what skills are in demand though. Matt from Expatriant will explain exactly what you need to do to get a job in Russia as an expat.

Studying in Russia as an International Student

Not many people know that Russia has a very generous scholarship program for international students. Every university has space for international students to study for free. Hear from real international students about their experience in Russian universities.

Working in Tech in Russia

Do you want to hear what it is like to work in Tech in Russia as an expat? Join a panel of expats who are working in the tech industry in Moscow. They will share valuable insight about what you can expect if you move to Russia to work in tech.

Panel Discussion: Small Business Owners in Russia

If you are thinking about starting a small business in Russia, you have probably heard about corruption and how it is impossible to do business in Russia. Well, there are definitely things to keep in mind, it isn't nearly as hard as you think. Russia has improved significantly in its global doing business ranking.

Living in Provincial Russia

Do you want to move to Russia, but the massive cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg are just too much? Join us and a panel of other expats to hear about their experience living outside of the major Russian cities.

Conor Clyne

Conor Clyne

British-Irish YouTuber.
Suren Avakov

Suren Avakov

Managing partner at "ATPLAW"
Nina Anigbogu

Nina Anigbogu

Multiplatform Marketing Consultant
José Augusto Saraiva Pinto

José Augusto Saraiva Pinto

Marketing Consultant
Stephen Peter Krisel II

Stephen Peter Krisel II

Owner of KriselKreative
Andrew Slate

Andrew Slate

Founder of Beyond Red Square Tours
Andy Frecka

Andy Frecka

Founder of Expat Flat
Elina Bakunova

Elina Bakunova


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