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Living in Russia

Everything you need to know about visas, residency and citizenship

Working in Russia

Hear from real expats how they built successful careers in Russia

Expat Secrets

Gain valuable insight from expats who have been in Russia for many years.

Small Business in Russia

Learn how to start your own business in Russia or manage one remotely from Russia.

Learning Russian

Learn proven tips & tricks to start learning Russian more effectively.

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5pm MSK (9am ET)

Working in the Russian Tech Space

Do you want to hear what it is like to work in Tech in Russia as an expat? Join a panel of expats who are working in the tech industry in Moscow. They will share valuable insight about what you can expect if you move to Russia to work in tech.

Speaker: Vlad Alexeyenko, Hugh Owen

5pm MSK (9am ET)

Biggest Dating Mistakes Western men make in Eastern Europe in 2022

It’s no secret that women play a role in many expats’ journey to Russia. Join us to understand what that looks like in the dating game. You might be surprised at what you hear!

Speaker: Conor Clyne

6pm MSK (10am ET)

Current Digital Marketing Trends in Russia

Nina has spent many years working in Russia as a marketing expert. She will share her thoughts on trends that set Russia apart from the West with regard to digital marketing.  

Speaker: Nina Anigbogu

6pm MSK (10am ET)

Avoiding Obstacles of Visas to Russia: Top Tips & Tricks

Getting a visa to Russia should be straight-forward. Unfortunately, there is misinformation everywhere. Marcus from Let’s Russia will not only fill you in on common visa mistakes, but how to avoid them when getting a visa to Russia.

Speaker: Marcus Hudson

7pm MSK (11am ET)

Tech Venture Capital Market


Speaker: Rustam Rafikov

7pm MSK (11am ET)

Teaching English in Russia

Teaching English in Russia is by far the most common job for expats from English speaking countries. You might find it hard to believe, but it is quite possible to make a great living teaching English in Russia. Join to hear about the opportunities.

Speaker: Marcus Hudson

8pm MSK (12pm ET)

Immigration: Staying in Russia Long-term

Russia is notorious for its bureaucracy and immigration law is no exception. One of the top immigration lawyers in Moscow will discuss the options for staying long-term in Russia and how to get a residence permit.

Speaker: Timur Beslangurov

8pm MSK (12pm ET)

Getting a Job in Russia

If you are moving to Russia, most likely you need to get a job. Depending on your experience and standards, getting a job in Russia isn’t that difficult. You do have to understand what skills are in demand though. Matt from Expatriant will explain exactly what you need to do to get a job in Russia as an expat.

Speaker: Matt Shannon

9pm MSK (1pm ET)

Moving to Moscow & Calling Russia Home

Some travel to Russia with a concrete plan. Others head to Russia on a whim and there are those who Russia seems to grow on over time. Come hear from a seasoned expat how he went from adapting to another culture, battling anxiety, buying property all the way to calling Russia home.

Speaker: Steve Krisel

9pm MSK (1pm ET)

Medical Care in Russia: For Tourists & Expats

The healthcare system in Russia has a poor reputation.  This is unfortunate since many long-term foreigners in Russia have found great medical service at a fraction of the cost of what they would pay in their home country, and a growing number of foreigners are even making special travel plans for medical treatment that is both world-class and unique to Russia.  During this session we will discuss the basics of health care for long-term expats and why some foreigners are making the trek to Russia for medical treatment.

Speaker: Andy Frecka


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John Will Char

John Will Char

Nice job, gentlemen. It would be great to hear your thoughts about Vladivostok. In fact, it would be great to hear your thoughts about other cool cities and regions in Russia, and experiences like the Trans Siberian Express. You guys have a lot of personal knowledge to share and you communicate well. Thanks a lot.

Cathrine Wagner

Cathrine Wagner

General Manager

A man of means then along come to they got nothin but their jeans now were up in the big leagues.